DX.11Particles and SuperPhysical

What is the proper way today to render particles with the SuperPhysical shader?
If I connect a AsGeometry(DX.11 Particles Tools) to superphysical (dx11 effect), particles don’t show up

Particles should render properly, what is more tricky is to translate colours or textures over, but with a single material there should be no problem. Try to reset the particles system, or post a basic demo patch that won´t work for you.

hi. I just tested this and it should work fine. just connected the particles geometry from the AsGeometry help patch and boom:

maybe you can upload your patch? make sure to use newest SuperPhysical version from github: https://github.com/michael-burk/SuperPhysical/tree/Deferred+Forward

as @io pointed out, this works with all particles seen as one mesh with one material. if you need different materials look into defferred version - but this is not as straight forward (höhö).

Thank you for both replies!
I resetted the particle system many times as @io suggested, but nothing changed. Closing and reopening the patch made it work. So now I can see the particles.

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