DVI2DMX e:cue, VMC node

Hi guys.

There’s something I want to talk to you about.

I’m thinking about control some LED VISION unit for my art project.

my plan is below

PC -> DATAPATHx4 -> DVI - VMC e:cue1 — LED VISION unit

As far as I know, some DVI2DMX hardware like “VMC e:cue” will useful for this case.
I think there used to be e:cue VMC node… , but i cant find it.

Is there any chance to use the node in latest vvvv?


Is there any alternative way ? maybe my knowledge is old knowledge…



datapath x4

It seems like you don’t need any node for that or an X4 for that matter. just give it a DVI signal, you can even boost the signal if you need more of them to drive more pixels.

sunep is right. you dont need any node for datapath or ecue vmc.

you put your dvi signal right into the vmc and it does the rest.
why do you want to use the datapath? you can link many vmcs to get more than 1080 pixels via DVI OUT. if you need more help, feel free to contact me ;)