DVI screws hack for Clevo P150

so, say you ve spent 1600 euros for a “gaming” laptop (i7, SSD, GTX, etc) and you find out that the DVI socket has no safety screw, say now your warranty is over, say you own a dremel…

DISCLAIMER: no animals were harmed during the hack

marking the holes

using a threaded pin from another VGA adapter


see how the male-female adapter has benn screwed all the way through the socket

cool, so the holes are already in place just covered by the outer plastic shell?

Exactly, I was ready to epoxy the whole thing together but then I realized that the holes in the DVI socket are threaded.
The only counterpart here now is that if any stress is applied it will be transferred to the mainboard.

also be careful where you place the cable then, if someone stumbles over it, you made sure that the laptop gets torn away… apple had a good reason for inventing the magnetic plug for the AC adapter.

Yep, when doing some VJing at a wild private techno party, a little error/unplugged cable can be admitted, the same can t be said when you are doing a one off show in a theatre. Safety screws apply to the latter…
I am also thinking about glueing the screws to the outer shell but it could be a problem if I d need to pop open the laptop in the future.