DVB tuner?

Is there any way to get a dvb tuner to run in vvvv?

It is a bda compatible device that works with many tv viewing apps.

Using the videoin node it won’t detect any driver.

I also have this card and vvvv won’t detect it.

I am trying to make a usable TV viewing app that my mom can use.
And quite frankly that I can use. As I have yet to find one that does what I want without doing something that I don’t want.

I don’t care about watching the coded channels as I don’t have a subscription anyway. Automatic scanning of channels is not really needed anyway as I have the right channels and can find the right PID(at least I think I can) through my dreambox.

I was just checking to see if a new version of ProgDVB existed and found some nice features.
Do you think vvvv could interface with Prog media client/server?
Might be simpler than to make vvvv support DVB. TS streams should be supportes through DShow.

Any one?.. no text …

ai david,

i am afraid vvvv won’t be of any use here. this looks like some days of work on our side for a very special interrest feature.

TS streams should be supportes through DShow.
right, somehow. if you find an out of the box free directshow-filter that can receive ts-streams and you can present a working example using it with graphedit it could be rather easy for us to implement…

Thanks for the reply.

I can finally connect to the remote graph of gbpvr(pvrx2)
Mpeg-2 Demultiplexer seems to be happy splitting the incoming TS-stream from the BDA controlled device.

However I don’t see how the device itself is controlled (frequency, TSID, SID and ONID)
Ill have to dig deeper.
According to MS graphedit is the only thing that is needed to make it work.

I do understand if you won’t implement it. It’s many other things that should have higher priority.