Dv video stream definition

hi. here is an attached image of the troubles i encounters with dv cam. on quick mouvements, there is a kind of slicing of the image. wich gives troubles with fiducials.
should i better go on a camera in usb ? or is there any thing to do ?

dvscratch.jpg (19.7 kB)

looks like an interlacing problem, which was made worse by scaling the image.

try grabbing the image with half of the original height of your source (e.g. a height of 288 pixels for a PAL camera) - if your driver supports that.

or try setting your camera to a progressive frame mode with 25 (for PAL) full frames per second (often hidden in the shutter speed settings)

thanks oschatz, i would never have think to use a video texture then a asvideo… ( that is for archives)