Duplicate shader error on Export

Export.log (97.8 KB)

I think this is the same/similar as the previous duplicate shader error, the same shaders are referenced in 2 VL documents, I only split the patch into 2 to chase a different issue, I will consolodate them again, (checked with vvvv_gamma_2021.4.0-0133)

Its mediafoundation again, now I’ve cleared it out a bit

Export.log (97.8 KB)
Here is the latest error log

There’re new builds coming up (2021.3 and 2021.4 branches) which will reduce the amount of generated projects files drastically. I believe this was also the main reason why we got those shader errors so often on export because generated C# project files overlapped.

Say you had a folder structure like

DocB.vl -> DocA.vl

On export we saw the following output

DocA.vl.csproj (Assets/shaders)
DocB.vl.csproj (Assets/shaders) -> DocA.vl.csproj

Where then the asset compiler of Stride complained about duplicate shaders.

The new approach is that on project generation the system will add back-edges from referenced documents which reside in the same folder or a sub-folder thereof. This leads to a much cleaner structure and also less overhead in general. For example VL.Elementa is now just one project file (one assembly/dll) while before it needed ~30 project files (~30 assemblies/dlls).

If I remember correctly you’re currently stuck with 2021.3 due to that binary serialization thingy. So the build you’ll be interested in will be found here: https://teamcity.vvvv.org/buildConfiguration/vvvv_gamma_Build/34442

may last info is that the project now runs in 2021.4.0-preview85 because of TextureFX, the version just before the merge with the proxy branch that broke the binary compatibility. so that build with the project fix would be ideal. or did you migrate back to 2021.3.3 in the end, @catweasel?

Yes I’m on 85 now for the texture fx. But as soon as I removed media foundation it exported again, so its still in there that the issue is I guess. I did try and go into the mediafoundation patch and relink to the 085 stride release, but it still wasn’t happy though.

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