Duplicate nuissance

when you duplicate things in the editor, the original seems to “lie over” the duplicate, which makes repositioning the duplicate really error prone.
most of the time I seem to hit the original with my first mouse click, even though the gui indicates otherwise.

for me duplicating things moves it down to the right. is that not happening for you? do you use CTRL+D?

ctrl + d clones the orignal, and places the clone down to the right. sure thing.

after that I try to move the fresh clone with the mouse, and then the error occurs.
cloning a bigger cluster of nodes, or a larger comment box will be frustrating

because most of the time I then happen to move the original, not the clone, which is not what I would expect at all, from context experience and that kink. the original is somehow the first one registering the mouse click, and I move a single original node around, instead of the selected clone.

sure, keyboard is a workaround, as is ctrl+c/v, but thats beside the point of reporting a bug

ah, you mean a bigger group of nodes. noted.

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