Duplicate classes in updated nuget

I updated the version of a nuget I was using and am now seeing additional classes with '1 appended on the end. (see image)

vvvv bug

-using gamma 2021.4.7 stable
-was happily developing using the 4.2.0 version of the nuget (NuGet Gallery | RogueSharp 4.2.0)
-decided to update to the 5.0.0 pre release2 version for some added features
(NuGet Gallery | RogueSharp 5.0.0-pre2)

What I did
-removed the roguesharp dependency from my patch
-closed vvvv gamma
-deleted the roguesharp 4.2.0 nuget folder
-installed the roguesharp 5.0.0 pre2 nuget
-reopen gamma
-when I open my old patch or any patch and reference the nuget I see all these duplicate classes
I see the same behaviour in an old version of Gamma 2021.4.0
Also tried the ‘no cache’ option in gamma launcher, did not help.

What did I do wrong?
Is there some .net cache to clear?

all is good! what you’re seeing is the new features of their latest release:

the '1 means that this is a generic class with one type argument.

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