Dumping a texture to shared memory

Is there a way to dump texture’s contents as a buffer of bytes to shared memory from vvvv to be read in another app on Win7? If not, what would be the best way to get a buffer of bytes from a texture into a custom plugin so I could implement this myself?


I cannot use dx9ex textures sharing in this case. Just plain old chunk of memory. Those textures in wyphon are still on GPU, as far as I understand only texture pointers are shared, not actual data.

I need to pack texture into a buffer of bytes and transfer it via shared memory to another app.

you should be able to play around with the SharedMemory nodes.

I don’t seem to find a node which converts texture to binary data. Driving texture through AsString to SharedMemory kind works but the other app expects binary data not a string o.O

well m8 you can have it asString or as GPU mem, simple as that. I also can tell you, that we tested as string method. You might also would want to check the Screenshot node, since i guess it’s super easy to write, and you can capture hidden window with aero enabled.