DualShock 4 setup


I’m new there, just started using vvvv, and I want to use my DualShock 4 controller with bluetooth. I found the contribution for that, but I don’t know how to setup and use it in my projects.

Created a Contribution folder with the 3 other folders, tried to put it in them, but can’t get work as nodes.

Anyone can help?


press ALT-R then add contributions folder there and save root
no clue where this page in documentation

see nodes and paths#using contributions

Yes, i did that, added the folder, saved, but can’t find any sign of working.
Did this method step by step.
Thanks for the reply!

Okay, I’ve got it.
It’s just a simple patch, but Locked. Unlocked, and I can copy this in to my patch, and get working.