Dual head and Video Playback

Im keep coming up against the dual head and video texture booger, now that my macbook wont span made anymore!
Is there any way to force the head on which the video texture plays? It mostly works if you fullscreen the one window before the other, but its doesnt always, and in particular it doesnt seem to at all with the patch Im currently working on, it always plays on display1 where I have my interface.
Any ideas?


you could try with a manual device. take the Device (EX9.Manual) node configure a device for your desired monitor and then select device 0 in the renderer of your choice.

hmm…not sure though if that would help…

I experience few problems too with a dual head . Finally i success to use one triple and one dual head at the same time on Head 1 and 2 and still using Head 3 and 4 .
I had some problems too, to make the dual work easy.
Use the same Refresh rate and D16 buffer , and after configure the dual head and your head in win and after restart without auto starting the dual head’s software.

I hope it gonna help you