.dss file format convertion

hi folks,
how can i convert my beautiful .jpg images to .dss?
is it possible to get an animated picture as well?
for example the meso lobby with all you talented guys waving (animated)?

halllo kil.

The DirectX Texture Tool, which comes with the DirectX SDK saves textures in dds format: DirectX Tex Tool


*Opens .bmp and Microsoft DirectDraw surface (DDS) files. For more information, see DDS File Format in this topic.
*Opens .bmp files as alpha channel, either explicitly or implicitly, using a filename_a.bmp naming convention.
*Saves textures in DDS format.
*Supports conversion to all five DXTn compression formats.
*Supports generation of mipmaps, using a box filter.
*Supports visualization of alpha channel as a grayscale image or through a user-selectable background color.
*Supports easy visual comparison of image quality between formats.

so, if you don’t already have, you must download and install the SDK

good 05, michel.

or see here for a photoshop plugin:

i dont think that you can save animations within .dds. but it should be possible to generate a cube- or sphere map in realtime every frame. i guess this is just one node away. michl?

hi michel
i downloaded the nvidea photoshop plugin, installed it, (i got photoshop cs),
installation seemed fine, but i still cannot open or save .dds.
Any idea?
How can i check if the plugin even works?
It’s in the right folders and i restarted my system after installation and all that.

hallo kil,
sorry for responding that late, but i was away the last days.

about the nvidia plugin: which language does your system have? i had to move the dlls from the “plugins” - folder to the folder “zusatzmodule”. then it worked. mybe thats a hint.

good luck, michel.