DShow9 YUV weird look

Hi All, esp. Devvvvs

I am fortunate to play around with a thermo camera that attaches to the computer as a USB camera. in skype the camera works fine and looks fine, but in vvvv it looks weird.

I can only select YUV as format for the thermo cam, and that ens up looking as the second picture.

I have experienced this behavior with other USB cameras, but have had the option of choosing mjpg as format.

any ideas of how to get an image like the one in skype in vvvv?


looks like wrong setting in videotexture - switch texture size mode

and be sure to set the resolution in VideoIn (Dshow9) exactly to the devices specs.

ot: can you give us a link for this cam? …with prices?

Bringing this one up again, been away from it for some time, returning, still the same behavior in beta 33.1.

changing texture size didn’t work.

@sebl the camera is a testo 880 I am borrowing it, I think the cost in euro would be around €5000.

any ideas, alternatively some software where I can screencapture my way out of it?

two ideas:

  • try the two different videotexture nodes
  • try putting a disabled trautner between videoin and videotexture

i experienced something like this with an ordinary webcam once. for me it helped to enable “Force Preview Output” in the inspector

thanks joreg and motzi

both the trautner trick and the force preview trick works.

I prefer forced preview since it works in x64