Dshow9 broken or alt 4channel fft?

i have and issue with dshow9 audio nodes, it shows them missing while they are there ofc and 4channel fft, wich i need, just stopped working
I have tried to slice it from gist myself but it doesnt have a proper fft curve, so is there a way to fix dshow 9 or is there some other alternatives mb? thank you

in your second screenshot, where we see red, missing nodes, this is because BASS nodes are missing in 64bit builds. so for this particular example to work you’ll need to download the 32bit build of vvvv and the addonpack.

then you say that FFT (DShow9 4Channels) is not working, which i cannot confirm. just tried the helppatch with beta41 x64 and it works.

as an alternative you can also try the VVVV.Audio pack.

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indeed (DShow9 4Channels) looks working but it doesnt show any numbers for me, like some hardware or drivers issue i think.
so i really want to use vaudio nodes but the fft curve doesnt look like fft so i cant get proper spreads for frequencies. so the real question is how to receive proper fft from vaudio Capture333131

what kind of audio input is that? note that some microphone inputs only have a very low sampling rate and some of them return no frequencies above 8khz or so. which would look like in your screenshot.

but to help you, we need to know what kind of hardware you use and more details about your settings and so on. what is the sampling rate? which audio input of your computer do you use? what are the settings of the FFT node? how big is the buffer size of the audio driver?

in cause with dshow9 ive tried different inputs, mostly line-in with maya44, also tried webcam etc, the thing it worked before with same setup.

and with Vaudio iam using asio4all with maya44 card atm and its wokring, but fft here is different and i struggle to cut frequenci just like with dshow-4channel node, mr Yar helped me with converting vaudio spectral to fft but not sure its working like it should,

why dont you use the ASIO driver of the MAYA44 sound card? you don’t need Asio4All if your soundcard has an ASIO driver already.

Well i can use both but with asio i can use other devices ,cause AudioEngine doesnt see webcam mike for example

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