Dropbox folder for working on the helppatches?

Hi devs! what do you think about making a Dropbox folder with the latest vvvv beta, invite a dev and a limited number of selected vvvvsers into it (i’d apply)to use vvvv from there, to add/fix the helppatches? i think it could be handy to keep the helpathces updated and to add the missing ones. just an idea, see you @ node ;)

hei sapo,

that is exactly what we have the vvvv-sdk for. agreed, using git is slightly more involving than using dropbox, but it is the best way to get an overview of whats happening (=versioning).

so your dropbox suggestion won’t happen for us.

having said that we’d love to accept pull-requests with individual helppatches fixed/improved. or even just post individual patches you improved here to the forum. those will be much easier to integrate for us than when we get a dropbox full of stuff where we’d have to find who changed what/when.

hope that explains.

understud! yea i tought it could be good and fast for the ease of use of Dropbox(it also has a hystory of who changed what and undo), but i understand it could lead to some mess if missused. Nevermind :)