Driving Ableton Push 2 display using libusb

Hello evvvveryone.

In our search for the perfect midi controller for our 3D-midi-geometry-synthesizer we started looking around and wondered if you could use the excellent Ableton Push 2 controller with vvvv. Turns out Ableton recently released pretty much everything you need to know about Push 2, including how to drive the display, which would be incredible. Push 2 already has a user mode, where you can use it as a midi controller, but using the display would make so much sense.

Push 2 uses libusb to send the pixeldata and I was wondering if anyone has either a) tried this themselves, b) has any knowledge of libusb and how to use it with vvvv, c) would want to give this a try and work something out together.

The documentation from Ableton includes example code for libusb on how to get started, but unfortunately I have no knowledge of C :/ I’ll happily do the vvvv and interface design part.

Here is the link to the documentation: https://github.com/Ableton/push-interface/blob/master/doc/AbletonPush2MIDIDisplayInterface.asc#display-interface

Thanks for any help or info!

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Someone has done it in MaxMSP and is getting 60Hz video via USB.

If we could utilize the Push 2 display and have a nice set of nodes for vvvv to use the LEDs and display values, the Push 2 would suddenly be an incredibly versatile midi controller at a reasonable price, plus you get that small second screen that would be so handy for use with vvvv.

I’m willing to donate some money towards someone getting the display to work. I’ll put up 100 Euros as a starting donation.

Combining this with messages would be so good!

More resources:

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