totally newb questions.
I loaded Kalle video tutorial and hit help.
Nothing shows up in the drivers box.
How do i find drivers?


When I look in the enum box for drivers, there’s nothing there. Is that supposed to be a list? How would I populate the list?


I loaded Kalle video tutorial and hit help. Nothing shows up in the drivers box. How do i find drivers?

the Driver pin on the VideoIn (DShow9) node should list all video capture drivers which are installed on you machine. this would include all webcams or video grabber cards you might have and which you can use in other prorams (premiere, skype etc.)
so if you have any cameras installed, they should be listed here and should be selectable also.

if you suspect an error in vvvv (which i basically dont), create a Renderer (TTY) node, create the VideoIn node again and paste the error messages from the Renderer window here in the forum.

The cam I’m using is a dns web cam…which would explain why it doesn’t show up?
Also, I’m using an 8800GTX, wouldn’t a driver for that show up?

00:00:26 ERR : Error caught in the act: TMIOEnumComponent : Division durch Null

At this point I’m guessing i need to get the stream from the device but i don’t know how to find it/which vvvv node to use.

Here, let me be more specific.
Cam : Linksys WVC54GC
It is connected to my router and is using port 80.
It is hooked up and functional. The linksys viewer/recorder program can find the stream and record it/take snapshots.

Okay, I have no capture devices listed in my device manager…maybe this is why none show up in vvvv. :P

How can i get this web cam stream into vvvv?
Just to be clear. I can actually see the video in the linksys recorder tool. So it is awake and working.

Can anyone help me get the signal from Linksys WVC54GC ?


hi Varion.
Just make a try with Virtual Dub
You have an acquisition mode inside of it, where you can connect all your devices and see their video stream.
IF you don t see your camera, you have a driver problem.

If you see it, and do not have VVVV pin, you can try a double installation with WinVdig wich needs [](WinVdig]( wich needs [

For certains Vjying tools WinVdig ables you to connect to a camera that is not seen by software. it could be a way to get it back thruth this quicktime way, that is very powerfull…

hope it will help, for me winvdig solves really my troubles with neuromixer and openTZT