Dream Projects; mapping contents

reference site: [http://vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=How+To+Project+On+3D+Geometry

Dear Sir/Madame

Even though there’s already a good example that has implemented, I’ve been putting my best efforts to implement directly from the Project On 3D Geometry for the VVVV.
Referring to “How To Project On 3D Geometry”, I have been able to understand of mapping.
However, implementing contents in mapping always make me get stuck.
Various problems cannot be solved because I just tried to implement through obsevation while I cannot understand perfectly.
[my process…](my process…)
a. Choose the target of mapping
b. Xfile target. Modeling.
c. Design the mapping patch by vvvv
d. … Mystery of content implementation

Look at the types of content that are implemented by multiple artists in the below.
A. Lighting on the virtual target of the actual target
B. Animation on the texture(dege) of the actual target

In the case of A, like an example of “How To Project On 3D Geometry”, they put vrtual liting by argmenting real reality and virtual reality.

But, I am wondering about the case of B.
Is it the possible effect in the vvvv that using the content which draws the edge of created xfile?

If so, please tell me the reason why. Give me the evidence of it. I truly want to implement.

PS: Many examples of the VVVV have been decided the forms of spread, line, surface, Geometry through the randome values.
However, I want to implement totally interactive visual mapping and 3D draw which moves through the amount of coordinate of modeling.

PS2: If we used LFO, the result will be 0~1. Is there any other way to operate next animation without returning to 0 again?

Sincerely, lightizm

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