Drawing bug on top bar

This bug only occurs on my second 4K monitor when it has windows display scaling set to 200%
At 150% and below it does not appear to be a problem.

Looks like the the text gets bigger but the box clipping it does not.

Note you have to mouse over the bar to get it to redraw.

Seeing this in 2022.5.0-0303
2021.4.11-1312 does not have same issue

Same here, but also in 22.4-1332.

Screenshot 2022-11-10 191451

@chk please add more info on how to reproduce: how many monitors, what dpi settings. is it fixed when you hover it?

Mmmh, suddenly not reproducible anymore. Just remembered I also posted a screenshot about it some time ago in the chat, but can’t find this either. It seems to me in general it occurs very randomly. Will report when it is happening again.

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