DrawFlash plugin

Hi all, trying to compile DrawFlash project , for ex9 flash renderer i miss this : VVVV.Shared.VSlimDX

what am i missing ?

ok…i know what im missing :D cant find _SharedSources on svn


maybe you can use the SlimDX.dll File from the vvvv/bin/managed folder.
I think this should give you all necessary references.

Thank u , i already tried that but I still dont have reference to “IObservableSpread” , any hint ?

i found this logfile

search this file for IObservableSpread.
There is a comment for changing name of IObservableSpread to IDiffSpread.

thanks for pointing this out. i fixed the DrawFlash project. please update. hope that was it.

Thank u all, I updated from repo and seems like now i cant compile it for this (im using vs2010 maybe im doing something wrong with config):

VVVV.PluginInterfaces assembly is referring to a slimdx with differente version but dll seems to be

something should be set in a different way ? :)

ai, please update again. found another bogus. and also forgot:
you have to set a windowsvariable named
pointing to your
directory. that should do then.

now ti works, at least i was able to recompile it and first test runs like a charm &sheik :) what i was interested to test is to integrate ExternalInterface to send/load at least string/values with loaded flash :)

thank u all, and thanks for so fast updates :D

second try dont work cos i got a very friendly messagepopup Error - trial version of FantastiqueUI, is there a triavl version ? ??

whats the problem with the trial? can’t you just click ok to get rid of the popup and work on?

i can click ok, get rid of message, but plugin doesn’t work :)

even if you haven’t changed anything of the checked out sourcecode?

yes, just recompiled it, then dragged into a patch, the original plugin in vvvv folder works without problem instead.

just tried. works for me. make sure the DrawFlash.dll and the FantastiqUInet.dll are in the same directory.