Drag selection not working in boxed patch


I can’t do a selection via cursor dragging* into a boxed patch.
Any hints?
This is driving me a little crazy because, because, because, though I almost never use boxed patches, it seems I never noticed this before (on this win 7 x64 machine, I tried every version >= 31.2 both builds: it never works).
I’m not filing a bug, for this stuff is so strange.
Thank you.

  • Yes, I keep left mouse button pressed while dragging.


drag and drop of nodes between different patch windows is not supported. No matter whether the patches are in windowed or in boxed mode.

So it’s not a bug, it’s a potential feature and you might open a feature request …

Thank you for the answer but what about drag selection in a boxed patch?
I mean, you have a bunch of node pasturing in this boxed (Alt + 2) subpatch.
So, if you press left mouse button in an empty space, then, while keeping it pressed, you drag the cursor to select these nodes, what happens? Are those nodes then selected, or nothing happens (as in my case)?

Ah Ok,
on my machine (win7 64) it’s the same. I can not select multiple nodes in a boxen patch - instead nothing happens.
I don’t know if that was possible on Win XP or Previous versions of v4 …

Me neither, but it feels so strange…