Drag&Drop Quads


i want to build something similar to that

Do you have any hints for me how i can adapt this feature to some quads in vvvv ?

Thanks a lot!!

Hello Tobi,

Have a look at hit test 2d quad help patch, now draw the left mouse from mouse node which is like press state. Have a transform node only changing the Y position, have some hidden hotspots and have transform Y to have a option to set Y position to desired slots easily like snap to slots. Please ask if i am missing something…

thanks urbankind,
i tried it with intersect… i think its the same in theory…
the only thing i dont know: how do i realize the “snap-in” area and the movement of the “unselected” quads…
maybe somebody can give me a hint… see patch attached…

dragndroplist.v4p (21.4 kB)

you prob can do attractor on Y and there is mathround (value) node
technically there should be a feedback loop with initial value and inside this loop you should process moving quad

im still stuck with this… didnt find the right solution for this :(
Maybe someone is able to help me…

this is very advanced vvvv. Inteval (Spreads) will help you with the snap.

After playing around for a lot of hours i got it kind of working :)
One line of code helped me a lot… The Patch is a bit messed up, but for everybody who is interested, see attachment…


dragndrop.zip (16.6 kB)

i tried to simplify this very beautiful task a bit by using a dictionary. thanks @TwoBeAss for debugging.

20140300_dragndrop.zip (14.2 kB)


heres my patch with a bit more structure :)

Thanks aivenhoe for you version! Dictionary seems to be a really good solution…

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. :o)

dragndrop_v2.zip (18.2 kB)

exactly one year later i needed some more functions like “adding without loosing the order”, and “deleting” single slices…
Its a bit messy up, but i dont want to withhold my patch from the community ;)
If somebody got some improvement suggestions, feel free…

Greets, TvvvvoBeAss

DragAndDropList (16.2 kB)

may not be exactly what is asked for here but just to have it mentioned again: there is a series of drag examples in: