Drag and drop

Folder/files into a DX renderer, so I can update directory paths/files in a dx interface. Is this possible? If it was possible to have a node report if it had been dropped into the window, I could then choose the area from within vvvv with mouse coordinates, so simply report if it had occured and what file folder it was would be enough.



for now only iobox (string) accepts dropped files. no renderers yet.

Yeah I know, but it’s on my wishlist!

thats really intresting!

Actually, I dont know whether you’ve used quartz composer at all or not, but one quite handy feature it has is if you publish an input in the top level of a patch, you can apple+T to bring up sliders or a drop box for image files that float over the output, it quite handy for quickly trying out values, its not as useful in general as having the ability to open multiple inspectors and lock them to node though!
Maybe a quartz for vvvv users might be somehthing I could do at the vvvv meet and greet, depends how much more I get done it before then, I keep coming up against hurdles that the devs are interested in pusuing as you meant to do challenging things in code rather than node! VVVV is still no.1 for me!

Having said that my wish is for more than you can do with the drag and drop in quartz anyway, I make a lot of interface things!