Dpi aware - font readability (specially node names)

DPI awareness seems to work fine now but font choices/settings doesn’t seem optimal for readability - specially the names on some nodes are hard to read due to very small letter spacing. Default IOBox font and pin names etc are better.

Maybe it’s worth considering a monospaced font or at least tweak font settings a bit for readability (or make it configurable…)?

See attached image where the letters of the Slider node and IOBox are similar in size but the letter spacing of the node makes it very hard to read.

i would like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candara. Monospaced is way too legacy for a for our favorite graph oriented paradigm

+1 for comic sans

that switches to wingdings when you’re been patching for more than 12 hours

for consistency and ease of code the non96dpi font is now lucida sans unicode. check latest alpha

nodebrowser highlight and arrow in inspector - recent alpha

recent alpha, or latest alpha?
if latest…what zoom setting is that? did you change anything else but zoom?

  • 31.7
  • 180%
  • windows 7, fresh installation
  • mb retina

at 150%, the nodebrowser highlight is ok, but the inspector arrow thing is wrong too.

confirmed. inspektor fixed in latest alpha. the nodebrowser problem considered minor for now (no idea whats going on there).

  • alpha31.7
  • 150% / 3200x1800
  • Windows 7

on my dell laptop it looks like this.

Latest alpha31.7 (downloaded from build server) looks like Zepis screenshot on Win 8.1 :/

  • Latest alpha (8d797aeb4b)
  • Windows 8.1
  • Display: 3200x1800

on second look it’s not only the sizing of the node name fonts that get scrambled, it’s also the size of the nodes themselves.

Here is a comparison of the same patch with two different system scalings.


this is how the patch is supposed to look like. the screenshot is done with the display set to 1920x1080 and system scale to 100%

this is how it looks on system scale set to 150% and 3200x1800.

the little button on top of this thread says “fixed for upcoming core release” in comforting green color. does this include the issues reported here?

hei zepi,

when you see the comforting green in a thread it means we closed it. when you then find new evidence we’d appreciate if you start a new thread instead of disrupting the comfort. i removed the flag for now to confirm that this obviously still needs some fixing. and as always thanks for the pointers thats what we alpha for…

hejej master joreg,

thanks! I will try to practice better etiquette in the future…

“alpha” shall be my zweiter vorname.

On same alpha as above (surface pro)

As a side note:

  • latest alpha has same issue.
  • tried using 47b1bd9e8f208a23537671a9cb61a3a5e6dacca1 build, all is fine, so something introduced in between.

seconds later…
please now give the latest alpha another shot.

Looks good now! Jippie!!!