Double tab opens in chrome

as stated in the shoutbox before
clicking on a link in the shoutbox opens the link in a new tab but also in the same tab as
you end up having to close the link twice.

i’m on chrome and this bug appears for about 3 weeks now …i guess

same for me

yes, here too, also chrome

same here:

same here… no text …

thank god, i thought i was the only one having this… :)

You get the same behavior when using safari

Hi all,
I can see this happening also. And it admittedly is quite annoying. Up to now I thought they had changed something in chrome. I’m not sure what exactly is causing this. I tried a few settings but nothing helped. If there is any knowledge about this out there, let me know.

It´s not only chrome happens also with FF 4.0 and Safari 5.

this is what the vvvv website creates

h ttp://…

looks like the URL at the end is the wrong bit…i guess
hello vvvvebmaster :)

u7angel: What exactly is wrong about the url at the end? Not sure what you mean.

there is the link, there is the name (title tag) of the link and its set to _blank therefore opens in a new window. but there is the same link at the end of the line. what for ? looked to me as if this is causing the trouble and lets you end up with two tabs with same content.

i’m no html expert, only half knowledge and a bit logical thinking.
tell me if i’m wrong.

the html seems ok to me.

<a href="url" target="_blank">visibleLinkText<//a>

(the // should be / only, but then the html gets converted to wiki link syntax automatically…)

i’d rather suspect some javascript function
stumbled over that on

else {
// External link clicked.
_gaq.push(["_trackEvent", "Outbound links", "Click", this.href]("_trackEvent", "Outbound links", "Click", this.href));
// First, delay the outbound click by a fraction of a second.
// This delay will hardly be noticeable by the user, but it will provide the
// browser more time load the tracking code. Without this method, it's possible
// that a user can click on the outbound link before the tracking code loads,
// in which case the event will not be recorded.
// See
setTimeout('document.location = "' + this.href + '"', 100);

at least here (ff 4.0) there’s really a little time difference between new tab and old one loading the link clicked.

ok woei, and yes i can see the delay too

Ah woei, thanks for the tip. We use google analytics and this was a script to track outgoing links. Seems like it doesn’t work properly for the middle-mouse-button feature of browsers. I switched it off, now all seems fine. Thanks to all for helping out.

yeah, much better now :)

Great :)… no text …

yeah :) perfect

by the way, there is a nice opensource alterantive to google analytics:

works very fine and i find it even better to handle than the google thing