Double patch on boygroup?

whats the deal with the double patch and render in boygroup?
does anyone know how tom correct that ???
THX All.

Hi Folks!

Same problem here. Every boygrouped patch I make produces double patches and renderers (both tabbed) on the client.

The double patch doesn’t seem to hurt very much. Can’t get rid of it, because closing one patch automatically closes both patches.

The main problem is the double renderers, also both tabbed in one window. Usually one tab shows nothing but black, or a screwed up image. The other tab shows the right image. But the renderer with the right image can NEVER be maximized! When selecting and then maximizing any of the two renderers, I always end up with the crappy/black image :(

This really brought my first multiscreen project to an unexpected dead end. Tried everything I could come up with to isolate the problem: switched client (pc+2nd screen dualview) and server (laptop+2nd screen dualview), disabled secondary monitors, installed different (clean) versions of VVVV’s, testing really basic boygroup patches, testing on Vista versus XP etc., but all without any result…

Does anybody know how to deal with this problem? Or is it just me, missing something very obvious? Anyway, many thanks in advance!


something very obvious worth knowing is, that you dont need to open or autostart your patch on the client. just let it run in autostart. as soon as the server connects, the server will automatically upload the patch into the client.

if its something less obvious: can you reproduce this with pre 33beta15 versions?

nothing obvious, sorry. please see last post in this thread

hi oschatz & joreg, thanks for your help! until now, installing 33beta13.1 seemed to be the only working solution. at least things are working again, hopefully the matter will be resolved in future versions. maybe I will try other vvvversions when I have some more time.

no really it should work like this with beta17:

in the commandline where you specify the


flag make sure to also specify a root-loading flag. so your commandline should look something like this:

/server /r c:\myprojekt\mypatch.v4p

of course it should point to a valid patch.

I already tried those commandline options, but it didn’t work. but I may have done something wrong, I will try once more. thanks again!

I tried again with beta17, but still no luck. With the commandline options, the server loads the patch and shows the right renderer windows, but on the client I still get double renderers. One tab only black, the other tab a distorted image…

weird stuff going on… sometimes it just works, sometimes it just doesn’t… I’ll try to experiment some more.

works fine for me.
the new boygroup is a pleasure to work with, thx devs.

but one “feature” is quite annoying:
alt+f4 on the server renderer affects the client’s renderers, even if they’re set to fullscreen by their client id.