Double entries in nodebrowser

suddenly i have double entries in my nodebrowser. i didn’t touch the root patch nor anything in the folder structure. i had this before but ignored it. but its annoying.

any idea ?


its a boygrouping server btw,

when hovering the entries you should see the filepath they come from



mmm, different locations inside lib, right ?

hm…seems they refer to the same file:

  • first one via \lib\nodes…\packs
  • second via \lib\packs
    so as if somewhere vvvv doesn’t resolve the path and thinks those are two different paths…

do you have anything in args.txt?
if you take your vvvv-folder as is (without your project) and move it somewhere else, can you reproduce when starting an empty patch? if so, you could send it over for us to debug?!

empty patch, started as server …no double entry. same vvvv. mmm, can’t find the reason.

Delete subpatch restart, see if problem persists.
Continue till the double entries vanish…
A bit time consuming but might work.