Double-clicks open browsers without distance detection

In short, if you click twice fast enough at different ends of the patch, the browser will open. As the browser window is often closed by clicking on the workspace, there is a situation where the browser reopens when you try to navigate the workspace. I can give more information, but I think this is a very noticeable behaviour. I suggest checking double clicks to see if they are in a region, or better yet, resetting the counter by measuring the amount of movement.


This is fixed in next preview.

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@gregsn Fuzzy behaviour is still observed.
Left and right clicks should be separated.


  1. left click on the wire (to select)
  2. right click on the wire (to open a menu)
  3. boom! middle pad created with menu open

I know I’m making an unnecessary movement (there’s no need to select with the left button), but I’m doing it and it’s causing this. And it causes other glitches too. Perhaps you meant “will be fixed in the next preview”? 6.0-0094 the same issue

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Ja. So the next preview is up (101) and should solve that issue. Sorry for the confusion.

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