Double bang

in this (part of an) old patch, a bang always bangs twice under certain circumstances. see attached patch. it’s 45alpha31.8.

doubleBang.v4p (49.4 kB)

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It even bangs twice in Beta 31.2.

it seems as Switch (Node Input) is the culprit.

as long as the first AND second pin is connected it works.
no matter how many input pins are used.

also: everything works fine with inputs > 2 if 1 AND 2 are left empty

doubleBang3.v4p (100.5 kB)

that is odd @reaktant

this is fixed for upcoming release. thanks for noting!

for up to then it might be good to know that it only happened with iobox being the source of the bang (in the same patch). all other ways to produce a bang don’t show that buggy behavior.