DotPainter w/beta27.1

hi unc
small bug in beta 27.1 with DotPainter: (OnOpen) nothing comes out of module untill i change value of “Amount (^2)”
no problem with beta27
would you check pls

dont know exactly how to fix this for now… for some reason, mesh is not being built in beta27.1, while it does in beta27

(there was a bang to force mesh rebuilding, wasnt working, now fixed)

DotPainter.rar (4.7 kB)

ye… strange, anyway thanx for bang
edit: the same problem with voronoi mesh

@unc can you pullrequest us the fixed dotpainter? was it only that the Reset Mesh was connected with the ioboxes X output instead of its Y output? you wrote you don’t know how to fix it but then you fixed it or is there something still broken?

@dimix: what do you mean with: “same problem with voronoi mesh”?

using beta27.1 I had the same problems with (old version of) voronoi inside old patches.
nothing appears until you change some value
but current Voronoi (EX.9 Texture Source) from addon/lib working just fine