DoQuit without save

I’ve asked before but now I use set patch and create nodes alot, which means the patch always asks to be saved, it would be good to have a Doquit with the option to quit without asking to save



you could delete your mainpatch inside root (either with deletenode or setpatch: deleteme=“foo”) and then just quit root.
or using brute force via wins taskkill (taskkill /f /im vvvv.exe)

none of both’s a very elegant solution though


I think “alt+F4” could work.

the DeleteNode (VVVV) has a pin called “query save” which lets you chose if vvvv asks for the deleted node/patch to be saved or not. that should help.

OK I can try those work arounds, would be simpler with a pin tho ;-)

Just tried both methods and cant get them to work, taskkill says framedyn.dll error, tried the ms solutions and it still doesnt work.
and with delete node, I still have to alt enter to escape full screen before the patch quits…

framedyn.dll error can be solved by copying taskkill.exe from the system32/wbem folder into system32.

there’s also the possibility to quit the applikation by sending a windowsmessage via sendmessage. forgot the code though…

oh, meanwhile DoQuit has a QuerySave pin. does that work/help?