Doing bullet3d with vl

this is a quick example of using the bulletsharp library with vl. requires recent alpha x64. start \vvvv\girlpower\callmenames.v4p

i didn’t have to write any c# code to create what you see above. i just dropped in the library as explained in Using .NET Libraries and then used the nodes available in the nodebrowser…

the c# src that is included was only necessary for an additional feature (not visible in the gif) that would return always the latest collision point of the scene. writing c# was necessary in that case as the library is not using standard .NET events and so i had to write a little wrapper, to translate the event to an observable, as explained in Wrapping non-standard Events or Delegates (2.4 MB)


This is great.
I’m not really following VL, right now. Is there a path-finding library too?
edit: That’s a question, not a request.

Very nice, been wanting to import this myself!

edit: Working now after clean install.

@h99 path-finding is not really related to this, right? but ask @velcrome he knows something about it (maybe better in another thread)

@joreg not related to bullet, but to vl (with which it would be “simpler” to build a path-finding library, I guess).