DOF DepthOfField - Bloom on transparent text / textured Quads in focused areas


so im trying to render some transparent Text on Quads. These could be textures oder Skia rendered textures. This is working fine enough but when i add the DepthOfField PostFX it adds this weird bloom to everything in the Scene, even in the focused areas. I Think it may have a problem with the depthstencils for Text or thin lines in general. You can see the effect on the AxisGrid aswell. If i enable a skylight it wont be visible, you can only see it clearly on dark backgrounds.

in the attached vl file my goal would be to have the first Text at position 0 to be focused and sharp, but i cant quite get there. Theres always this light bloom.

Another Issue or bug: When i change the Quality setting on DepthOfField higher than .5 it crashes wickedly,. ( dont try this, had to restart windows
DOF_Test.vl (58.5 KB)
Any Ideas? Im trying to get this working from a camera distance of ~2,5

This is more a problem of how Stride composes the post effects and not something we can fix on our side of things. If you got time, it would be helpful if you can write a bug report on the stride GitHub.

Before the 2021.4 release we will probably not have time to look into that and make a pull request for Stride. But maybe someone in the Stride community can help…

Ok thanks for the info, will post on the stride github. So ive tried something like this:
Would have been too easy i guess :D Any chance this could work or should i just Blur individual textures in my scene as a temporary fix?

Ive noticed the CameraOrbit does not work with Mouse on the Renderwindow Version, does it support Mouse / Gamepad input?

yes, this should work, but you need to map the depth values in world space in a certain area to values between 0 and 1 for the blur strength.

Mhh so ive tried, but have problem getting mouse and Gamepad working…
and now the Scenewindow is not showing up. I will try a different work around.

If anyone wants to try ;D
DOF_TextureFX.vl (69.6 KB)

Isn’t it working properly if text render stage set to AfterScene

I don’t have any troubles with it here

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Yes the Text looks fine, but with AfterScene i have no DepthOfField :/

So heres my Hackyfix… Swapping Renderentities based on distance.

DOF_Test_HackyFix.vl (63.9 KB)

My hope is this has less perf impact than TextureFX etc…

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