@ doesn't work

Hi All

this might be another case of me not having done everything right but my experience is:

@ doesn’t work when patching. I fix this by typing it into a text editor but this approach is less than optimal.

I have this behavior in beta22, beta23 and beta24 on both vista 64bit and win64bit.

I have danish keyboard layout, I don’t know if it is related to that, on danish keyboard layout @ is on [alt gr](alt gr) + 2



can you try changing yours to a default english keyboard layout and see what happens? i have no idea what else could cause this for you.

it works with + 2 in english (US) layout…

when using danish keyboard layout and type + 2 it works in the other applications I have.

but the new fix of changing layout to US, make @ and then back could work for now

good solution, sunep. since russian layout has no @ at all, we must change to english any time we need @ in any application)

yes and it is not really that bad, + toggle between the layouts so it is relatively easy… but still strange.