Does VL.RealSense support the pure IR-Image? Are there alternatives?

Hey there,
hope this is the right place to ask this.

Basically, I need a wide-angle IR-camera with VVVV/VL support for hassle-free ArUco Marker detection with openCV. I thought this could be a RealSense camera.
Does the VL.RealSense nuget allow to just get the raw IR-camera feed like the kinect node does? Or is it already a depth map?

Do you guys have maybe other ideas for wide angle IR-cams with about 1280X720 resolution?

yes, VL.Devices.RealSense, VL.Devices.Kinect2 and VL.Devices.AzureKinect give you direct InfraredImages.

Can you turn off the IR illuminator?

@mediadog yes, especially the realsense is highly configurable:
anything the original API supports can be directly set in VL.

@Evlmnkey if you need more control over your scene (i.e. FOV), and also have a certain budget, i can recommend the uEye cameras that are unfiltered towards IR in combination with a proper lens, and an IR bandpass filter.

PS: look at this project, might be similar:

i can lookup the hardware details, but it was a uEye device + chinese wideangle zoomlens (i recommend undistorted fixed non-zoom) + 780nm bandpass afaik + dedolight with IR pass filters

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