Does this improve pixel precise rendering?

Simple patch attached showing how adding an extra 1/2 pixel to some pixel precise text ‘can’ improve it’s rendering.

It’s probably subjective and it does depend on the font, size, quality setting, background colour, and text colour. Generally I prefer the 1/2 pixel shifted text.

In a project I’m working on currently, with it’s colours, font and sizes, it makes the text look like it was rendered in Illustrator and exported as raster. If I don’t do the half pixel shift it looks like the text is on top of my raster graphics which are lots of small icons in white on transparent from Illustrator, not part of them.

Just though I’d put it out there. Prob should be added to the help patch as tip for softening pixel precise text.

pixelPreciseTranslateToggle.v4p (6.3 kB)

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hey xd_nitro,

this is a tough one.

sorrily it is not that easy. if it would be, we would have put that somehow into the billboard (pixel mode) node, so that the user doesn’t have to bother.

if the renderer size is even in width and height (true for any fullscreen resolution i am familiar with) you don’t need this hack. it just works nicely. for uneven sizes i don’t know if there is a general answer, but it might be that you are right. ;) thanks for the tip!

beta21 was the release that introduced pixelprecise rendering and billboarding. look at girlpower( 21 mops )_root_shwops.v4p
the text at the bottom has no transform below the billboard (= no adjustment in pixel space)

but you are right that all these details should be mentioned somewhere… thanks for the reminder! i’ll put a note in the help of the billboard node…

i guess in dx11 this works a bit different, but vux will be more capable of explaining!

Could pretty likely come from the half texel offset for sampling in dx9.

Hope that helps


You could use this module, which takes care of the 1/2 pixel or not…

@Cat - ah was there under my nose all along.