Does anybody have a Set{hidden, InAWindow, Fullscreen} module?

Hey all

Has anyone already got a module that wraps SetPatch to switch between FullScreen/InAWindow/Hidden for Renderers?


there are setrenderer modules out there. i think they can be easily modified to fit your needs.

the modules can be found et the bottom of this thread:

that module is quite old and makes some effort in acquiring the renderer’s node ID which is obsolete since all nodes have an ID outlet.

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PopUp (VVVV Window).zip (10.9 kB)

what the funk?

@kalle , try .rar

the 2nd upload worked…

a very simple one. (3.6 kB)

@kalle: note there are two sections for uploading stuff: one for images and the other for files (which takes the .zips)

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