Docking order

Hi there,
I would like to know if there’s an unknown trick to get specific patches orders in docking mode (like 1>2>3… from left to right).
This for workshops and presentations conveniences.


i would like to know this too!

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they get arranged in the loading order. so open the root patch (or whereever the docked patches are located) in an xml editor and change the order of the nodes containing the subpatches in the xml.

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I remember THIS POST, and it says, docking is evil, because the docked patches are still in memory. Is that solved by now?

yes. see change log.

Ahh… since beta21, this is very good to remember, docked patches makes working with sub modules a big load easier… Thanks for the update :)

Docking order troubles seems to appear when docking the Root with all other patches. So it seems to work fine when working with 2 separate windows. (2.2 kB)

Still strange…seems to have nothing to do with the root patch. Sometimes i get non-sens like : after saving my wanted loaded order it reoppens docked other ways
For exemple one patch is outside or docked windows are separated.

Try to reorder manually

Docking[2].zip (2.7 kB)

i’ve just started using them, but they seem to dock in the order they load, from sub sub patch to main patch, but if you reload the patch after its already been open, they reverse…

… and make sure you resized the window a bit after docking and before saving, this updates the size of all docked windows.

docking is one of the fundamental features to stay sane. use it. always.

my simple explanation is only for the simple case that you have x patches all in the root patch (fortunately i managed to have that situation always in my step by step tutorials)

the situation is more confusing (while still strictly logical) when patches are nested. its worth understanding that docking in vvvv happens completely automatically simply when two or more windows have the same size. so there is no magic to be found in the xml files.

when two or more windows have the same size

…and the same position, isn’t it?

some time ago i did a module “NestAsTab (VVVV).v4p” just for curiosity. can be found at kalle.Modules.VVVV.