DMX sharphy spot beamer rotations

is there a common, already working way to get proper rotations on mobile DMX beamers from vvvv rotations?
I haven’ t got one to try with and I couldn t understand how to have smooth over 360 rotation on panning.

polar is your friend

Perhaps this can help you, I made it for a similar problem (if I understood you right) some years ago.

No basically, I am ok with the transformations in vvvv the problem is that these lights can pan from 0 to 360, then they have to stop there … so it is difficult to have continuos panning.

hello io,

i gutted an old project and made a contribution:


and as you can see from the product page the travel limits are:
PAN = 540°
TILT = 250°

Great stuff! Just what I was asking for…