Dmx node art net request


Is it me or is it impossible to specify udp port to the artnet nodes ?

I know 6454 is defined in the protocol but exchanging artnet data between two apps Is actuallly not possible

There is really this need to change and edit input and output ports separetly

Devvvvs ? ;-)

Hey Karistouf,

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Thanks for posting this request, i want to join it cause this improvement could be very useful for me too. Since Ports can only be opened by a single Application, i can’t run two Artnet using Apps simultaneously. For Example if i run Grandma OnPC with Artnet input, i can’t generate DMX(Artnet…) Nodes in VVVV. My solution could be to recieve with GrandMA on 6454 as defined and in VVVV on an other Port. Therefore i’d need changeable Ports in VVVV. Perhaps not in the node itself, cause access on 6454 seems to be necessary to generate it. What about a commandline parameter to specify a different port on startup.

Thanks a lot

hi koter, well my cats are doing well, thank you ;-)

about grandma: you can set input output ports in the software, and normally your dmx dongle should have this avaibility. So maybe you can fix this until our belovvved devvvs refurbish the artnet set.

"Perhaps not in the node itself, cause access on 6454 seems to be necessary to generate it. "

access to 6454 is just and adress, so ti have avaibility to change this adress in not at all difficult.

ola karistouf,

thanks for the idea to change the Port in grandMA2 instead of VVVV’s port.
Im using grandMA nearly every day at work and every day at home, but I’m not aware of such an option.
Just sent an email to MA support, asking if its possible.
Further i believe in our dev’s…


you can now start vvvv with option /artnetport 1234. Please report your findings in the alpha forum.

hello gregsn its really a nice thing. thanks to have made it, despite time and sure a very big to do list.

Just one question isnt it possible to edit it from inspektor, like IP adress ?

cheers christoph

btw. i don’t understand why the subnet and universe can’t be accessed via a pin? It wouldn’t change the nodes’ pins… or - maybe just dreaming - make those pins even spreadable!

an of course, thanks for the /artnetport parameter. i still need to test it with disabled network adapters and will report here.

maybe the artnet nodes could become plugins… i found that edmx one on a first sight

ok, as far as i can see atm, there might be ways and tools. i keep trying and investigating. if someone is interested in joining, please contact me.