DMX newbie question

hello everybody,

I bought the enttec open dmx ethernet to use with a dmx led tube.

everything seems to be working fine from vvvv into opendmx box(the correct leds are blinking.)
but the leds are not corresponding.

i go from the pc’s ethernet to the enntec and from the xlr output of the enttec to the dmx input of the led tube.
i have no idea what i’m missing so please excuse my ignorance.


Ehh… you are not telling us how you have tried to make the LEDs do what you want to do, so I can not really help you here.

Did you manage to use your LED tube work with other software? You installed the driver from the enttec website? (or the one that came on the CD). You know how to make the LEDs listen to the DMX you send? (Set the DIP-switches to the proper Adress and in DMX mode) etc etc…

See if you can use the Little Cat attachment I posted here: (near the end)

The Ethernet enttec should not use any drivers, it should work out of the box without configuration, with the correct DMX node in vvvv.

Of other things to watch out for is DMX termination, see under line termination here: it can some times mess up the DMX signal.

and then you should check that your enttec setup work with equipment you know is working and then it would be good to test if the LED’s are working too, using eg a DMX console.


The Entec Open is not the Ethernet one, so that was a bit confusing. I really doubt you need a terminator, I never used one in my live, and I make longgggg daisy chains of various DMX fixtures almost on a weekly basis. But than again, this might be the exception.

Like Sunep said, test with a DMX console to see where it all goes wrong.

hey guys,

thanks a lot for your answers, i really appreciate it.
i’m meeting with a dmx console tonight so i’ll check it out.

my first time with dmx and im really excited.


hum be aware you have channels for special modes and setup, sounds more a bugging spread issue or a channel configuration in the device than anything else.