DMX Merge?

Anyone managed to sucessfully create a dmx merge patch? i.e 2 spreads of 512 going into said node and highest value takes precidence in the single 512 spread output? Just a thought but may come in handy soon.


not a HighestTakesPrecedence but a LatestTakesPrecedence can be found at kalle.Modules.Spreads


Ah, wicked, thats superb! Thanks Kalle. On a second notte, do you have any details on here about ccfl instalations, i.e, suppliers, dimmers, controll? Ive been asked about installing something similar for a deadline of new years eve…Phew!

Thanks again.


all of this is not for ccfl, out of topic

dimmers digitours are of the best
cheaper but good stuff: stager

Avab control or ADB control for theatres and memories thinkibng

for manual a good zero88 is always good working
if you intend moving lights deep control prefer to add a second desk like an avolite


with this kind of range of products things should be normally serious and without troubles ;-)

but uncle kalle may be more helpfull …

i have my custom developed electronics to drive ccfls,
please don’t be angry,
i don’t want to share this.

No Worries, i completely understand that u dont want to share yr hard work. Just out of interest what happens if you connect a ccfl conventional dimmer with a ballast load? love to play arround with this when i eventually find some spare time. Thanks again for the spread module.