DMX Interfaces from E:CUE

Hi to everybodey in this playground! On the outlook for a tool I could use for an interfacing from OSC -> DMX I finally found vvvv and it looks teriffic!!!

Q: Is there a way to acess the DMX-Interfaces from e:cue that we already own with the help of vvvv. That would be the “TwilightExcite” USB interface which looks pretty much like the RODIN1 and the “Butler” ethernet interface.

Would be great if this would work.Thanks ahead for any advice.

You may search your system for DASHARD.DLL.
If you have this little thingi you can copy it into the folder containing the vvvv.exe.
Then try to use the DMX (Devices) Soundlight USBDMX-node for sending data.

And please report here about whether you had success or not. would be interesting.


e:cue unfortunately use a proprietary protocol for communicating with their interfaces. iirc the protocol actively checks by means of some digital restriction management that it will work only with licensed software. anyway ecue are very friendly guys with great products and we were contacted a couple of times by them to license their sdk and include drivers in vvvv. technically this wouldnt be a problem, but we did not yet felt the need to do so, as many other alternatives exist and nobody wanted to use money yet.

Yep, E:Cue uses its own locked software/protocol, prety weird actualy, becaues you already purchased their hardware. I have a (prety useless) e:cue butler ethernet here that I can’t use, because we missed we needed to purchase special software to program it.

VVVV suports loads off other DMX devices and artnet, you can build your own butler ;)

Thank you for all of your replies :-) It´s really a pitty that ecue do not support their customers investmet into their hardware. I can´t understand their philosophy because the ecue programmer software is free of charge anyway. Making their hardware accessable though other software they might end up selling more hardware. And who wants that?
Anyway we need results and will get ourselves an artistic license product for art-net.

´til later

Oh I forgot the Enterprise version is not free of charge of course.

see what i found in my email today…

somebody from ecue’s german distribution starts playing around with vvvv

edited: due to lawful reasons the dll is deleted

Before I get all high and stuff… you telling that this DLL should be able to control my Eceu-Buttler?

if somebody at meso lets himself down to integrate this .dll in in the next beta…
so no reason to get high at the moment. (well, you exceptionally aren’t ?) ;)

hum… sorry but ecue is working also in artnet ( no ?) you can access to it thruth dmx (artnet sender) node