Dmx dongle for 2 universes?

can someone recommend a v4-compatible usb-dmx dongle that can handle 2 dmx-universes ?

the butler

The Stage Profi 1.1 has the option to handle 2 DMX Universes in extension mode, with the loss of DMX Feedback. <- Extension Mode, Site 7.

but i havent tested it yet.
I needs no driver and works out of the Box with VVVVs DMX(artnet) Nodes.


or if you go enttec:

@d0this, all the dxm4all hardware I encountered was rather bad, I could see lags/delay when we started to use more and more channel. But that was like 7 years ago, did they fixed it by now? any one knows?

The Enttec and the Butler are Artnet (DMX via Ethernet), not USB, I am not aware of a 2 uni’s usb dongle. vvvv has good Artnet support, so that should work.

anyone got the new enttec dmx usb pro mk2 working?

the enttec guy at the prolight and sound told me it should work :)

If they claim “Fully backward-compatible with all software titles that support DMX USB PRO” it should already work using @karistouf)) ((contribution:littlecat-dmx-engine, for 1 uni anyway…

I highly recommend to use Art-Net Nodes, less trouble with drivers and compatibility

this bit of kit worked well for me on a project a while back. Elation E-Node 8 - Artnet/DMX Node. It’s very cheap for what it does too. Def good to work with ArtNet.

@xd that is cheap for 8 outputs!

yeah mega cheap and worked well. Rack mount is nice too. We had all 8 universes running all channels all changing every-frame at 44fps and it was all smooth. Couldn’t fault the artnet.

Tried getting the real-time record function working but it wouldn’t - oh yeah I remember now I got reply from Elation support saying it wasn’t actually a feature on this model and was an error on site. Looks like they haven’t updated their site. You won’t find any mention of it in their documentation though if I remember correctly.

Also couldn’t get ‘shows’ working. Their software with it is like bad windows 98 application. Buggy and badly written. Recommended Artnet only. Didn’t test High Speed DMX- 1000K(1M) protocol.