DMX controllable LED RGB dimmer recomendation?

hi all

we want to light a large indoor machine with a combination of 60m led stripes and 6 stage lights. (RGB, but not each individually adressable) there are 3 “focus points” within this big room, so I would prefer setting up a led controller on each of them, and controlling the whole thing via DMX from one machine.

do you guys have hardware you already worked and are happy with?
I just know the enttec stuff.


I have good experience with advatek pixlite, it is individual control, but as far as I recall, you can set it up to act as just one if you want to:

so no power injection needed after a few meters of stripe? does this really work? how bright are the strips?
just the one power supply on the controller and I’m ready to go?
do you use advateklights stripes or can you recommend cheaper ones.

it depends on how many pixels your strip has and how much current they draw and how big your PSU is.

I didn’t do the electrical work, but we used around 10 PSU for a total of 4KW 5V to control arond 18.000 pixels, none of that went through the board.

but in theory, íf you have a big anough power supply, then yeah.

but you can write advatek support, they are very helpful

thx for the info!

I am still open for suggestions for a lower budget RGB dimming option without protocol.

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