Dmx channel


I am trying to get dmx working with vvvv. I am using the Rodin1 mentioned on the dmx page. I am using the DMX (Devices Soundlight USBDMX) node. The first node seems to show the level that is transmitted to the dmx device. I don’t understand how to change the channel that the level should be transmitted on though.


Sounds like you need to come to our DMX workshop at node!
The first pin takes a spread of 512 values, so you need to adjust the right value for the right channel, you also need to bang the Do send to send the values to the interface.
Have you copied your dashard.dll to the root directory too?


Thanks. I am passing a single value in and it sets the same value to all 512 values in the spread (as I understand it).

I have also copied dashard.dll to the directory with vvvv.exe in it, the /bin directory under there and also the windows directory (I am getting desperate).

I am getting the lights to flicker in a slightly encouraging way on my dmx lead which makes me think some sort of message is getting sent out. However I am getting nothing on the dmx scope. It is difficult to troubleshoot where the problem is.

I include my patch just in case.


dmx first try.v4p (3.1 kB)

Try this, the outputs on the dmx node should give you some help, let us know what they say!

dmx first try2.v4p (8.3 kB)