DMX Artnet Node

Suddenly, I am not able to place a DMX (Network ArtNet) node into a patch. Neither reciever or sender.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing. Nothing obvious has changed about my machine. (But of course something has, right?)

Running Windows 7 64bit.

vvvv 40beta23 (although I have the same problem when going backwards to beta21 and beta22)

Any insight available?

Thanks in advance.

Create a Renderer TTY before placing the node. Does it output any error message? If so post it here.

bjoern - Thank you for the reminder about Renderer TTY.

Apparently something was grabbing the port and not allowing the DMX node to load.

I did a system restore back to a few days ago and things seem to be working now.

Again, thanks for the help.