DMX 4 all reboot

I have a problem with my dmx for all interface. After a reboot I have to switch the USB Port that it will work again. I tried to use an active USB HUB perhaps there is to less power for the USB Device but it also doesn’t work.
Does anybody know a solution for this issue?


Hum… this sounds very specific to your computer . wich dmx4all interface have you got and wich on wich OS are you ?

Usually its very important to set your dmx interface on a built-in USB port and to avoid HUBS.
Hubs have sometimes a lot of different layers to be recognized and this could give you troubles in recognition of hardware when launching windows.
same problem may occurs also from computer and i have certain users using the enttec open ( same driver as dmx4all) to boot without hardware then to plug it, to have it work properly.

Thank you for your answer.
I’m working with a WIN XP 32 bit system.

i never experienced any USB power problems with DMX4ALL interfaces.
also i never had any issues driving them with hubs.

perhaps some other application changed the bitrate of any port settings?
what does the Renderer (TTY) tell you?


cont know if we may help you …
are u using Kalle’s manner to access to it ( Sub D serial port ) or are you on litle_cat ?

i have made tests with the mini usb at home on my laptop: booting / rebooting no troubles. i have the feeling you are right about the power of your usb port.

if you are on a tower: be sure not to plug on the Usb on front panel of your tower (certain cards do not deliver same power on front and rear). and be sure have a port in usb 2.0 ( bios ?)

if you are on laptop: another way is to use a PCMCIA to USB card but that is an intermediate layering more, that can cause some other troubles (detection takes time).

if you are on a standalone machine ( everything from booting is automate : vvvv launching etc etc) you will need to scheulde delays for launching your apps ( times for windows to be set completely, and recognize and set correctly all the ports, before launching vvvv).

dont know if it may help.

what does the Renderer (TTY) tell you?/quote
kalle: is there a new node for dmx4all ?

kalle: is there a new node for dmx4all ?

no, there is only my stoneage module on kalle.modules.devices
and the blockmode one from @MSBERGER

thanks kalle, interresting…