Dll startup problem revisited


I posted this problem before and various suggestions were made. I’ve avoided solving the problem because I’ve been working on another machine using GDI (DirectX doesn’t seem to render - but that’s another problem).

In short I load vvvv and get the message:
The VVVV.EXE file is linked to missing export GDI32.DLL:GetGlyphIndecexW.

Can anyone help?



as I´ve already stated in this thread your problems are (most likely) connected to the unicode-features introduced with beta11.1 which make use of functions that are not supported by Windows 98. You may be able to fix that problem by replacing your version of the GDI32.dll by a newer one: Link.
But be aware that there is a great pontential to screw up your system.
Maybe you should consider using an OS which is more up to date.


Thanks, Bjoern. I’m resigning myself to the notion that I need to move up to XP, although I’m reluctant to because everything else I use works fine. Also my hardware is rather under-powered.

Thanks for your help. I shall look into improving my rather old system because the vvvv software is really nice and I want to use it a lot in the near future.