DIY Enums are weird

In the lastest alpha (actually from yesterday) x64 I have experiencing weird behavior when creating my own enums.

do this:

  1. create your own enumeration using CreateEnum (Enumerations)
  2. create a NULL (Enumerations) and select your freshly created enum.
  3. Create an IOBox (Enumerations) and connect it to the receive input of NULL (Enumerations) I can’t do that.

The GUI is also messed up, when trying to move the IOBox it will not muve, only if I drag select several nodes and drag the other, it moves, but the content ot the IOBox does not move with it.

The workaround for now is to connect the IOBox in beta34.2 and then reopen it in the alpha.


is this different to behavior in b34.2?

yes, here beta34.2 is behaving as I expect, new alpha does not

thanks, sorry, fixed